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exact documents sent to the taihape court are at the bottom of this article that the police said were fraudulent. bollucks hi my name is patrick thomas i am 37 years old and was born and bred in taihape in the central platuae of nz and i was harrassed by the taihape police to the point i had my house illegally searched and suffered medical neglect that put my life at risk and was convicted using falsified statements and as a result i spent 6 month's in jail with a life threatening medical condition. to this day the taihape police have never verified the documents once. they never rung wanganui hospital to verify the discharge papers and hospital wrist band were real and never contacted the taihape medical center to verify the winz disability allowance form was real and to tell this story i have to start at the beginning. on the 31st january 2018 i was rushed from the taihape medical center to the wanganui hospital and was diagnosed as having a saddle pulmonary embolism and was giving a tnk blood thinner where they managed to stabalise me. i was transferred to the critical care unit and after 6 days i was stable enough to be release to go home but i was told i had to to strict bedrest and have to take medication for the rest of my life so thats what i did . i had to appear in the taihape district court on the 12th march 2018 for driving without a valid drivers licence but due to my condition i was still on bed rest so i decided on the 03rd march 2018 to email the taihape court house to ask for a adjournment and katie woods (taihape court registrar) emailed me back saying the prosecutor needed to see medical proof of this. so i scanned my discharge papers, winz disability form and my hospital wrist band. i was emailed again by katie saying the adjournment had been granted by the prosecutor david grey. i was relieved to not have to worry about it and could concentrate on my recovery or so i thought i was again emailed by katie woods (taihape court house) on the 08th march 2018 saying police know believe the documents to be fraudulent and the adjournment had been revoked on those grounds. in the police disclosure jennifer hintz (taihape police reception) stated that the documents looked strange and jennifer hintz was investigating it but i had 2 complaints to the taihape police against jennifer in regards to privacy complaints and i have been informed by a mp that jennifer hintz should not have been allowed to investigate anything because it is a conflict of interest due to the complaint against her and she is a police receptionist not a police officer. Falsified Statement on the 08th march 2018 a statement was taken from Jennifer hintz (taihape police receptionist) which stated “Jenny had gone to the taihape court house and spoke with Katie and that while there rung the hospital and spoke with a cath in the presents of 2 court staff and was told I have no such patient or person booked”. But when you read the statement of Katie marie woods she states “Jenny came into the court house and said police now believe the documents to be fraudulent and withdraw consent to the adjourment”. Not once did Katie mention any phone call, didn't state Jenny came in and made a phone call from the court house. And why would Jenny have to go across to the court house to make a phone call it doesn't make sense and if the phone call was made in the presence of two court staff where is the 3rd statement. It would have been mentioned by Katie woods if a phone call had been made but yet nothing so there was no call which is adding fraudulent statements to official court documents. And this is where Jenny hintz continues to fabricate evidence in her statement Jenny mentions events she did on the 09th March 2018 when that's a full 24 hours after the statement was taken it states below the police logo at the top of page one 8th March 2018 I received the statement of Jennifer hintz taken at 1.00pm dated 08 March 2018 so how do you add events 24 hours after the statement was taken which is purverting the course of justice and adding fraudulent statements to official court files. due to the adjournment being revoked i struggled all the way to the court house and then back home and went back to bed. Illegal search and seizure on the 14th March 2018 Justin Moore and constable mariner showed up at my house where I was working on my car removing the intake manifold and pressurized fuel hoses when I heard Patrick. When I looked up I was presented with a search warrant read through it and seen it was all legal so I walked them into the house and Justin asked me where my room was so I pointed and he started to search it. Me and constable mariner headed into the lounge where I lit a smoke and mariner started to cough so I got up and opened both lounge windows and started to head for the front door when mariner put his hand up and said a resident must be present inside the house when a search Is being conducted so I walked backwards and mariner started to relax and walked back into the lounge so I walked for the front porch and sat outside on the chair and finished my smoke when I was out there I smelt petrol and heard a trickle and ran to my car lifted the fuel flap and released the pressure and went to the engine bay and put the bango bolt back in stopping the leak and took about 7 minutes to do. I then removed the battery to isolate the electronics and stop it from igniting I then carried the battery back to the porch and had 2 more smokes and could still here Justin searching my room. The second I left the house and section and no residents were inside the house police procedures were breached and the warrant was voided yet justin still continued to search my house for over 25 minutes with no residents present and completely out of my line of sight. justin walked outside carrying items and i was placed under arrest for using forged documents x 2 and purverting the course of justice. proof of what happened during search that petrol was leaking, that i put the battery on the porch proving i was outside the property while a search warrant was being carried out with no residents present inside or outside the house which is illegal photos were taken after my release on bail and are timestamped including the security camera footage of me walking off the property during the search warrant and returning with the battery this proves that the police breached procedures, voided the warrant yet continued and siezed goods which constitutes a illegal search and seizure the taihape police were unaware that i had security cameras installed at the time of the search taking place and proves how corrupt they are they breached procedures and voided the warrant and still seized goods the times in the footage match with the time the raid took place Medical Neglect on the 15/03/2018 I wrote a formal complaint against Justin Moore and constable mariner and told mark Toms that I was going to go public and post this story all over Facebook and hand delivered it to the front desk to mark toms at 11.45am on the 15th march 2018 and i went home and at around 3pm my house got raided again and i was placed under arrest and was told my bail was being opposed and i would be locked up in custody when we were at the taihape police station so i asked justin moore could i get my medication from my house and he said no we are going to wanganui now. and when we got to mangaweka I started having chest pains i asked them to radio for a ambulance but they refused. When we got to wanganui police station I told them straight away I had chest pains on the way down and they took me straight to wanganui hospital e.d and was seen by a doctor. Where the doctor wrote me a emergency script for dabigatran and gave me a dose while there. When the doctor heard the taihape police had refused me my medication he was furious as missing 1 dose that soon after it happening would have killed me as i still had clots travelling around my body. If the wanganui police had not helped me get my medication I would have missed 3 doses and could have died this is medical neglect and when I told the officers taking me they said we will deal with it when we get to wanganui. as you can see from the image above im still on dabigatran a serious blood thinner and will be for the rest of my life. this medical neglect could have been fatal as it was only a little over a month since i had the saddle pulmonary embolism on the 16th march 2018 as expected the judge opposed my bail and i was remanded in custody to wanganui prison and after getting my police disclosure i unravelled the setup piece by piece And this is where Jenny hintz continues to fabricate evidence in her statement Jenny mentions events she did on the 09th March 2018 when that's a full 24 hours after the statement was taken it states below the police logo at the top of page one 8th March 2018 I received the statement of Jennifer hintz taken at 1.00pm dated 08 March 2018 so how do you add events 24 hours after the statement was taken it was falsified. the taihape police never checked the documents i sent in as they were real and they set me up to make it go away i have proof they didnt check anything as the documents i sent in contained on the using forged documents charge the documents were real and It has all the references needed to prove it was real. The discharge paper had the following *medical event number *lvs8986 my medical number *specialists name and signiture *date admitted and discharged *diagnoses and treatment And if they rung wanganui hospital you will get a copy of it exactly the same because it was real The disability allowance form included the following *doctors hpi number *permanent never reaccess *doctors name and signiture *medical conditions I have *taihape medicals locum stamp as i result i pleaded guilty due to the 16-18 month waiting list for trial as i had pleaded not guilty trial by jury in the early stages of being charged with using forged documents it is corruption and goes all the way to parliament and im going to ensure that jennifer hintz, mark toms and david grey are fired to ensure no other local taihape people are setup i wont have that shit in taihape. this has been emailed as a complaint to jacinda adern (mp) minister of police stuart nash ipca ombudsman every minister in national every minister in labour every minister in the green party every minister in nzfirst and not a single one of them did a single thing about it even though i supplied solid evidence exact documents sent to the taihape court house. media inquiries to if you would like to speak with patrick please write to patrick thomas 7 wren street taihape 4720 join us in auckland for a meet and greet and protest at aotea quay on the 30th may 2019 @ 1pm wellington for a meet and greet and protest at front of parliament on the 06th june 2019 @ 12.00pm christchurch for a meet and greet and protest at cathedral square on the 13th june 2019 dunedin for a media meet and greet and protest and awareness meetup on the 21st june 2019 nelson for a awareness and protest meetup on the 24th june 2019 this is going national and as you can see we are serious and have everything ready to protest website by orycle web design limited las vegas im calling for the resignation of mark toms, jennifer hintz and david grey all this will never go away. i will continue to have my freinds posting online even if you send me back to jail it will stop nothing. the whole town knows what the taihape police did to patrick and it is messed up keywords taihape to turangi taihape food taihape motels taihape weather taihape accommodation taihape cafe taihape shops taihape new zealand taihape gumboot taihape aa hours taihape accident taihape airport taihape automotive taihape activities taihape aa taihape anglican church taihape anzac day taihape a&p show taihape a&p taihape a&p show 2019 taihape boot taihape bp taihape bungy taihape backpackers taihape bakery taihape brown sugar cafe taihape beauty taihape barber taihape big gumboot taihape butcher b&b taihape nz taihape cinema taihape campground taihape cemetery taihape camping taihape college taihape council taihape chemist taihape coffee taihape clothing taihape doctors taihape directions taihape dinner taihape dump taihape district council taihape dentist taihape district 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